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Family Photo Prayer Journal

Prayer and Every City Family Prayer Journal

I have come across a great idea for a prayer journal that I want to share with you. I was reading a book last week called Pray Like it Matters by Steve Gaines, Ph.D, who is the pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. He says he uses a photo prayer journal , because he likes to see peoples faces when he prays.

I decided to use this idea to make a Family Photo Prayer Journal for myself.

I purchased a half size binder, at Target, which you can see on the right. I have also seen these binders sold at Staples. There are many styles to choose from including both frilly styles and solid colors. I also bought a set of 5 pocket dividers as well as filler paper. I like to pray in the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer so I have arranged my journal in this fashion.

To learn more about praying the Lord’s Prayer, check out me series, How to Pray Using the Lord’s Prayer.

How to Make Prayer Journal

I would like to encourage you to make a Family Photo Prayer Journal. I have made printable pages for all my “10 Prayers” pages, which are written from scripture. I encourage you to check this page often, because I will continue to add to my “10 Prayers” pages. You may print out my Prayer Journal Cover or make your own with scrapbook paper as shown above.

Materials needed

All supplies can be purchased at Target or Staples.

  1. Purchase a small (8.5″ x 5.5″) 3 ring binder similar to the one pictures above
    (optional, you can use a regular size if you don’t mind white space around your journal pages)
  2. Double-sided Scotch tape
  3. 5 pocket dividers
  4. Post-it sticky tabs or Washi tape
  5. Filler paper
  6. Scissors
  7. Hole-punch
  8. Photos of family members
  9. Optional scrapbook paper and verse stickers (purchased from Hobby Lobby).

Instructions on making journal

  1. Place the dividers in the binder.
  2. Label 5 Post-it sticky tabs or Washi tape with Praise, Kingdom, Daily Bread, Confession, Spiritual Warfare.
    (These are arranged according to the Lord’s Prayer. For further information, see my post How to Pray the Lord’s Prayer).
    The Lord's Prayer Instructable

  3. Print out the Prayer Journal Cover.
    Cut out the cover.
    Find a picture of your family and attach to the cover with double sided tape.
    Place the cover in the front of binder.
  4. Print out Printable Prayer Journal Pages
    Cut out the journal pages
    Tape photos of your family members onto appropriate pages with double sided scotch tape.
  5. Place the journal pages behind the tabs according to the Lord’s Prayer.
    For example, prayers for the nation will be placed behind the Kingdom tab.
    Prayers for your family will be placed behind the Daily Bread tab.

If you prefer to save the pictures of the pages, rather than print them click here: Downloadable Prayer Journal Pictures








6 Comments on Family Photo Prayer Journal

  1. absolutely love your Bible! where did you get it?

  2. I believe having a prayer journal with pictures of loved ones is very helpful during intercessory praying.

  3. I absolutely love this. Especially the break down of the Lord’s prayer I will definately be using it this year.I only wished I can see a full picture of what the inside of your journal looks like.

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