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Have you made your Family Photo Prayer Journal?

make prayer journal 3

I would like to encourage you to make a Family Photo Prayer Journal. All of the prayers listed below are written from scripture. As we work on this journal over the summer, I will continue to add to this list. This journal will be organized with dividers according to the Lord’s Prayer. For more information on this please see my post, “Make a Family Prayer Journal”


Materials needed

All supplies can be purchased at Target or Staples.

  1. Purchase a 1/2 size 3 ring binder (optional, you can use a regular size if you don’t mind white space around your journal pages)
  2. Double-sided Scotch tape
  3. 5 pocket dividers
  4. Post-it sticky tabs
  5. Filler paper
  6. Scissors
  7. Hole-punch
  8. Photos of family members

Instructions on making journalLord's Prayer Graphic

  1. Place the dividers in the binder.
  2. Label 5 Post-it sticky tabs with Praise, Intercession, Petition, Confession, Warfare.
    (These are arranged according to the Lord’s Prayer see How to Pray the Lord’s Prayer).
    For further instructions please see my post “Make a Family Photo Prayer Journal”.
  3. Print out the appropriate journal pages from the list below.
  4. Find photos of your family members to tape onto pages (I recommend double sided scotch tape)
  5. Place the journal pages in the journal according to the Lord’s Prayer.
    For example, prayers for the nation will be placed behind the Intercession tab.
    Prayers for your family will be placed behind the Petition tab.

Click here for Journal Pages: Family Photo Prayer Journal



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