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Scripture Memory Cards

summer in the secret place

Please print out these cards for the scripture memory verses. I recommend printing them on card stock and placing them on the kitchen table. I like to memorize scripture when I am eating breakfast and lunch. If this doesn’t work for you, then place in the bathroom and/or car.

Scripture Memory Printable Cards (Spiritual Renewal Month)

Scripture Memory Cards 2 (Summer 2014 Edition)

3 Comments on Scripture Memory Cards

  1. Hi! Just found your site and am quite interested your posts, especially your recent one on Bible memory. I think you would really appreciate Scripture Typer, a leading Bible memory resource that makes it fun, easy, and effective to memorize God’s Word. Full disclosure: my husband developed Scripture Typer! But is one of the top Bible memory websites, the iPhone/iPad and Android apps have 5-star ratings, and the iPhone/iPad app is also the #1 Bible memory app on the Apple app store! 🙂 Anyone can create an account on to use use the system. You can import verses from any of the leading translations, and the system will remind you to review your verses regularly so you retain what you have learned. It is especially helpful for memorizing extended passages of Scripture. I hope it blesses you! Also, I see you have a couple prayer groups in Huntsville. I presume you may be based in Alabama? We are actually located in Birmingham and are on the board of Kingdom Forerunners/the Birmingham Prayer Furnace, working to establish united, 24/7 prayer in the heart of our city and for our nation! May the Lord bless you as you do the work He has given you. Our paths may very well cross one day–even on this side of heaven! Blessings, McKenzie

    • McKenzie, thank you for leaving a comment on my post. I will take a look at your scripture memory system. I am afraid that my memory skills are lacking so I am not sure minus a miracle from God that I will be successful at it. I have family members in Alabama, but I am not. So far I have chosen to remain anonymous on my blog, but I believe I will disclose myself in the next few months. If you send me an e-mail at, I will tell you all about myself.

  2. 01/16/16
    Prayer request from Sean in CA, USA — salvation and healing for many.

    Please pray for the Lord’s mercy, grace, presence and favor, full household salvation, complete healing, good health and prosperity, peace and rest, relief from all pain and anxiety, protection, and all that’s good from God above for all of:

    me (Sean) and all my family, relatives, friends, and loved ones; the USA; Israel and Jerusalem; the Body / Church of Christ (all who belong to the Lord in fullness); all whom I’ve prayer for; and for all of mankind as the Lord wills.

    Also, please pray for the Lord’s quick physical healing, protection, and pain / anxiety relief for me (Sean) and my family, and my neighbors Walter, John Jr., and Judy – Amen, thank you.

    P.S. – I’m in the middle of some serious spiritual warfare. I feel pinned down and attacked. Please pray for the quick Lord’s aid, rescue / deliverance, help, and relief from on high for me.

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