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Melbourne's CBD from Docklands at twilight

Melbourne’s CBD from Docklands at twilight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

R.A. Torrey preached a revival in Melbourne, Australia where 8642 people made a definite profession of faith in Jesus Christ. What was the secret to this success? It was prayer. For many years 10-12 men had been praying for a great revival in Australia. Another woman had organized 1,700 neighborhood prayer meetings all over the city before Torrey was to visit. They continued to pray every week for the four weeks that he preached. This revival so spread to England, Scotland, and Ireland. The whole worldwide work was the outcome of the prayer meetings held in Chicago, and of the prayers in Australia.

At some point in Torrey’s ministry someone asked him how long he was going to pray for revival. His answer was, “Until it comes”.

Are we as determined as these men and women were to pray through or do we throw up out hands in defeat after just a few prayer sessions? We need to pray through until the answer comes whether we are praying for revival, someone’s salvation, or a healing.

Taken from The Power of Prayer by R.A. Torrey. If you do not own this book, then you need to get a copy. This is the best book on prayer that I have read and I have read many.

Torrey, R.A. The Power of Prayer. Whitaker House, 2000. (p. 62)

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