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In March of 2001 more than 45,000 Christians united for a Day of Repentance and Prayer at Newlands Rugby Stadium in Cape Town, Africa. This event has become known as the Global Day of Prayer. The Global Day of Prayer will be on May 19, 2013 which is Pentecost Sunday. Could we fill a stadium in the United States with at least this many people on the Global Day of Prayer or have Americans become too busy to pray?
Turner Field

America is in desperate need of united prayer, but many are too busy to bother. The excuses are many: baseball, football, soccer, ballet, I will pray at home. Take a look at the following statistics in a George Barna study called, Is America Becoming a Post-Christian Society:

  • 41% of Americans believe that Jesus committed sins
  • 47% do not feel a responsibility to “share their faith”
  • 57% have…

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