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9 Favorite Books on Filling of the Holy Spirit

methodist mariettaIt is Throwback Thursday! This day is dedicated to quotes or book reviews from the old-fashioned preachers and missionaries. Today I have 9 book recommendations from the good ole preachers. When you see the decline of the church in America, you should wonder if the preachers of old were doing something different to achieve the kind of results they received. How did R.A. Torrey win 100 of 1000’s to the Lord? How did the missionaries during the Shantung Revival in China preach? What was Hudson Taylor’s spiritual secret with his China Inland Mission? Many in America are praying for revival and spiritual awakening, yet we do not see any fire. Is prayer the only key to revival? I have a great series on the “Keys to Revival” if you are interested. This is a 5 part series, but is the summary of years of research on revival and spiritual awakening. If you will take the time to read the entire series, you will realize that we are not doing enough to bring about revival. I will list the books in order of importance to me, beginning with my favorite. A few of these books talk more about the results of being filled, rather than a “how to”. I will list the country where these people had the most influence.

1. The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit by R.A. Torrey (America, worldwide). Click here for the only known audio recording of R.A. Torrey.
2. How the Spirit Filled My Life by Bertha Smith (China, America). You can listen to Miss Bertha on Sermon Index.
3. Go Home and Tell by Bertha Smith (China, America). This book more about the results of being filled as they occurred during the Shantung Revival.
4. The Key to Triumphant Living by Jack R. Taylor (America). He is a pastor in his 80’s still living in the U.S. His church in Texas had a mighty revival after Miss Bertha spoke on confession of sin and the filling of the Holy Spirit. I have interviewed him and will one day write about my interview. Jack R. Taylor’s website.
5. The Shantung Revival by C.L. Culpepper (China, America). He was fellow missionary with Miss Bertha who was in China during Great Shantung Revival. He has gone on to be with the Lord, but you can hear his testimony on Sermon Index.
6. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor. Free Audio book download at Sermon Index.
7. The Awakening Revival in China 1927-1937 by Marie Monsen (China, Norway). You can purchase her book from Kingsley Press.
8. Victory in Christ by Charles Trumbull (America). Read it for free at Baptist Bible Believers.
9. The Saving Life of Christ by Major W. Ian Thomas (England). Listen to sermons at Sermon Index.

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