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I want to wish all my viewers a Happy New Year. Prayer in Every City would not exist without you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by for a visit every once in a while. This past year I had over 25,000 visitors from all over the world. Over 800 people have downloaded my prayer journal, so you will understand why the “10 Prayers’ posts are the most popular. Have a blessed 2016.

  1. 10 Prayers for Newlyweds
    This has been my number one post two years in a row. So glad to know that couples are praying for each other. Need a card for the lucky couple? Why not use this graphic on the front, find a photo of the happy couple and place on top. Perhaps this will encourage them to pray for each other.10 Prayers for Newlyweds PJ
  2. 10 Prayers for Young Women/Teen Girls
    10 Prayers for Young Women
  3. 10 Prayers for Sunday School Teachers10 Prayers for Sunday School Teachers
  4. 10 Bible Verses on Boldness & Courage
    10 Bible Verses on Boldness and Courage
  5. 10 Bible Verses on Forgiveness
    10 Verses on Forgiveness 
    (pdf, there is no graphic)
  6. Blood Moon – April 4, 2015 (day after Easter)
    blood moon
  7. Family Photo Prayer Journal
    Prayer and Every City Family Prayer Journal
  8. 10 Prayers for My Son
    10 Prayers for My Son
  9. 10 Prayers for Teens
    10 Prayers for Teens updated
  10. Fasting Friday – Ezekiel Fast
    farmer's market



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