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The Importance of Prayer in the Work of the Church

Many churches today in America are doing many works for the Lord. Unfortunately, there are not enough people in these churches who will volunteer to help out. The workers we do have are exhausted. In spite of all this work, we do not see the evangelism results we would like to see. According to the Bible, the reason we don’t have enough workers is because of lack of prayer (see Matthew 9:38). Prayer is also key to our evangelism efforts. When prayer returns to the church, we can have less programs to draw people and allow the Holy Spirit to draw them.

According to Evelyn Christenson, “Prayer is a very important means in the salvation process. Prayer invites the God of the universe to work in them before we try. It releases the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. It goes ahead of our evangelizing to prepare the soil of their hearts. It can open whole cities or nations for a moving of God toward Jesus. But prayer alone still can be just a means, although a vital means, if we don’t actually go to them in some way with the Gospel of Jesus (page 50)”.

“Pre-evangelism praying can penetrate the darkness of Satan’s kingdom on this earth. Prayer moves the hand of God to open doors which seem permanently shut to the Gospel. It softens the hearts of those still belonging to Satan. Prayer removes Satan’s blinders from the unbelieving. It opens their ears so they can hear and believe (page 73)”.

Prayer for America: Lord, please forgive us for our lack of prayer in many churches in America. Please help us to understand the importance of prayer. We pray for laborers to spread your Word and we also pray for prayer warriors. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Christenson, Evelyn. Praying God’s Way. Harvest House Publishers, 1996.

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