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Prayer for Disasters in America 2012-2013

tornado damage Lord, we pray on behalf of all the people in America who have been affected by disasters in the past year. Many of us forget about these disasters when they are no longer reported in the news, but the ones who have been directly affected do not forget. We pray for those who were suffered as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the Mid-west drought, wildfires, and tornadoes in Mobile, Alabama; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Granbury, Texas; Moore, Oklahoma; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the other locations of the 231 tornadoes which have been confirmed in 2013. We pray for the children and teachers who were injured in Briarwood Elementary School and Plaza Towers Elementary School. We pray for the town of West, Texas as they deal with the results of the explosion. We pray for the families of the victims in the Sandy Hook massacre as well as the Boston Marathon terrorists bombing. Please comfort the families who are dealing with the loss of life in all these tragedies. We also pray for healing for all those who have been injured. Please help those who are suffering economically from these tragedies whether it is caused by lack of work, rebuilding, or a sluggish economy.

Lord, we do not understand why you send these tragedies except to get our attention. It is obvious that our nation is under judgment for our many sins. Please forgive us as a nation for removing your laws from our courthouses and classrooms. Forgive us for murder, slander, bribery, adultery, pornography, homosexuality, and every sin we have committed in this country. We pray that you will bring a revival and spiritual awakening to this nation. Forgive the church because we silently stand by as our freedoms are taken away. Have mercy on us and revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You” Psalms 85:6 (NASB). In Jesus Name, Amen.

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