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Prayer for God to Send Laborers to the Harvest in America


Are you ready for the election to be over with? I am tired of hearing about all the government cover-ups and scandals. I have always suspected the government was corrupt, but never had any real proof. Now the proof is overwhelming. I wonder if any part of our federal government has not been touched by scandal. This election will be a turning point for America. We can either continue down the road of corruption or we can make America Great Again. If you care to know, I will be voting for Donald Trump. Our Supreme Court is at stake. To me, it is the most important factor in this election.

No matter who wins the election on Tuesday, America is in need of prayer. Neither candidate can truly change the course of America. God is the only one who can change America, but He will only do this through the Christians. When we pray for America, we need to pray that “the Lord of the harvest will send out laborers to the harvest” (Matthew 9:38). There is no plan “B”. America will only change when the hearts of our people change. God only change hearts when people hear and respond to the gospel message. Evangelism in America is at an all time low. According to statistics, only 2% of believers share their faith. If we want to make America Great Again, then every Christian should begin to share his/her faith.

God commands all Christians to “Go therefore and teach all nations” (Matthew 28:19). We are to go into the streets and the marketplace to tell people about Jesus. In America, we have changed the “Go” in the Great Commission to “Come”. We try to get people to come to church and our events to hear the gospel. The only problem is that most lost people will not come to church. We have to take the gospel to them wherever they are.

Prayer for America
Lord, please send out laborers to bring in the end time harvest. Give Christians in America compassion for the lost and boldness to share their faith.
In Christ’s Name, Amen


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1 Comment on Prayer for God to Send Laborers to the Harvest in America

  1. Wow, your statement-we have to take the gospel to them…. Yes! Thank you for the conviction

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