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10 Prayers for College Students

College students today have many challenges that other generations have not faced in the United States. Many are the second unchurched generation, meaning their parents did not grow up in church nor did they. America is losing the Christian freedom and heritage that so many fought and died for during the Revolutionary War.

America needs a Spiritual Awakening like never before. Many of the past began on college campuses. Please pray that the Millennial Generation will be the catalyst for this Awakening.

Please pray these prayers for yourself to deepen your walk with the Lord. I hope you will make a Photo Prayer Journal so you can begin a closer walk with the Lord in prayer. The Journal will teach you how to pray for yourself as well as others.

Click here if you would like to print these prayers: 10 Prayers for College Students

Prayer in Every City Prayers for Millennial Generation

Lord, help me to


  1. Love everyone in this world (even my enemies), but love not the world neither the things in this world. Mt. 5:44 1 Jn 2:15
  2. Reset my faith to line up with your Word. Increase my faith where I have doubts. Lk 17:5
  3. Remember that Christ in me is the hope of glory. The world can only have this hope if I and other believers share the hope of Christ with them. Col 1:27
  4. Realize that the joy of the Lord is my strength. Help me to find joy even in my trials. Ne 8:10; Ja 1:2
  5. Only speak words of edification, which bring grace to the hearer, rather than curse words or words that demean or tear down. Ep 4:29
  6. Pray for the salvation of all men and women, leaders and all in authority. 1 Tm 2:1
  7. Never be drunk with wine, but to always be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ep 5:18
  8. Be strengthened with power through the Holy Spirit so I can boldly share my faith with others. Ep 3:16; 6:19-20
  9. Forgive others as Christ has forgiven me. Mk 11:25
  10. Trust You with all my heart, not depend on my own understanding and seek Your will in all I do. Pro 3:5-6

10 Prayers College Students V


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