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Prayer in Every City Friday – February 12, 2016

Prayer in Every City Friday Link Party

Thank you for joining me for Prayer in Every City Friday. This year I want to support Franklin Graham and our nation in prayer. Franklin Graham will be traveling to all 50 states to promote prayer on his Decision America Tour 2016, encourage Christians to run for office and vote. Every Friday, we will meet here to pray for the states he has visited that week or the weeks to come. If you have come to pray, then please leave you prayer request for the nation. These are not prayer requests for personal needs, but requests for our nation to turn back to God.

Rev. Graham’s rally in Atlanta, GA went extremely well with 7,000 in attendance in spite of freezing temperatures. He also had 7,100 in attendance in South Carolina. Thank you for your continued prayers for our nation as we follow him this year. Please see yesterday’s post for Franklin Graham Tour Atlanta, GA from the Atlanta Rally.

In the coming weeks Franklin Graham will warm up the tour a bit with a visit to Honolulu, HI on February 24th. he will then travel to Denver, CO March 15th and Santa Fe, NM on March 16th.

Please pray the following:

  1. Pray for every believer to recognize his/her calling, to be a witness of Jesus in every place. *
  2. In the state of Hawaii, 1 out of every 4 claim no religious affiliation. 56% rarely or never attend church.** Please pray for an awakening for this state.
  3. Colorado was on of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana.** Please pray that people will recognize the dangers of addiction. Pray that the Lord will remove the blinders from their eyes.
  4. New Mexico is ranked the second most violent state in the nation.** Pray that God’s peace will permeate every corner of this state.
  5. Pray for revival and spiritual awakening for every state in America. Many Christians need to awaken from their slumber so they can preach Jesus Christ to every lost person in our nation.

Leave prayer requests for the nation in the comment boxes below. All comments will be approved before they are posted.
* Decision America official 30 Day Prayer Calendar
**Decision America 2016 official Prayer Journal ©2015 Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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