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Prayer in Every City Friday

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Thank you for joining me for Prayer in Every City Friday. This year I want to support Franklin Graham and our nation in prayer. Franklin Graham will be traveling to all 50 states to promote prayer, encourage Christians to run for office and vote. Every Friday, we will meet here to pray for the states he has visited that week or the weeks to come. If you have come to pray, then please leave you prayer request for the nation. These are not prayer requests for personal needs, but requests for our nation to turn back to God.

This week Mr. Graham has visited Des Moines, Iowa. He will then travel to Tallahassee, FL on January 12th and Baton Rouge, LA on January 13th.

Please pray the following:

  1. Pray the Lord will anoint Mr. Graham as he speaks as well as protect him through his travels. This is an ambitious undertaking so he will need strength and endurance from the Lord.
  2. Pray that Christians in these states will form prayer groups and continue to pray for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in their states.
  3. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Iowa, Florida and Louisiana. Pray that he will convict the church to return to holiness.
  4. Pray for the salvation of the Lost.

Leave prayer requests for the nation in the comment boxes below. All comments will be approved before they are posted.

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1 Comment on Prayer in Every City Friday

  1. I pray that God will lead us to the presidential candidate that He wants for this nation. May He open our eyes to that individual and as believers, we are united behind that person.

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