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Franklin Graham Decision America Tour 2016

Franklin Graham Decsion America Tour
Franklin Graham began his Decision America Tour today in Des Moines, Iowa. You can find out more about his Iowa speech from Breit Bart. I would like to support him in prayer as he travels the nation this year. I hope you will join me this Friday as we pray for the states he has visited and will visit for the next 2 weeks.

I have read many articles about this tour. People are trying to turn this event into a political event, but according to Mr. Graham this is not a political tour. He is encouraging Christians to get out and vote, vote for Christian principles and pray. His slogan: Pray.Vote.Engage. 

Don’t listen to the bad publicity that some liberal journalists are reporting about this tour. Let us rally behind Franklin Graham and support him. America needs a Christian leader to unify Christians in prayer. In just a few months time, he has been able to accomplish what many, including myself, have not been able to do. He has united over 9,054 prayer groups to pray for revival in America. I have been trying to do this for 2 years with little success. This man has accomplished in a few months what I will never be able to accomplish. The number of prayer groups is also growing quickly. It has increased by a few hundred in the past few days.

I hope you will visit the Decision America Tour website to find out when he will visit your state. You can also join your state’s official prayer Facebook group.

Please join me this Friday for a link up prayer for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America. Our only hope for America is Jesus Christ.

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