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How to Pray for the Lost – Jack R. Taylor


Jack and Friede Taylor

Jack and Friede Taylor

I have had the privilege to interview both Jack R. Taylor and the late Dr. Roy Fish when I was researching Miss Bertha Smith’s involvement during the Shantung Revival.

Papa Jack, as he is affectionately called, has written over 13 books. He still preaches world-wide on the Spirit-filled life and the message of the Kingdom of God. Pastor Taylor met Miss Bertha when she spoke at his church, Castle Hills First Baptist Church in Antonio, Texas, in 1970. During her visit a great revival broke out. Within a period of 18 months, over 2000 people were saved.

Dr. Roy Fish was the professor of evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. I had the privilege of meeting him when he served as interim President of the North American Mission Board from 2006-2007. He passed away in 2012. I am gracious the Lord led me to interview him when I did. He had invited Miss Bertha to speak at the seminary many times while he was there.

Even though I interviewed both men separately, they both mentioned praying together through a tract which had been found in a parking lot. However, neither could remember the name of the tract. Just recently, while reading Jack’s book, Much More, I found the name, “How I Learned to Pray for the Lost“. I quickly searched the internet to see if I could find it. Praise the Lord, I did!

According to Pastor Jack, “We would ask God to reveal what strongholds the devil held the lost in, such as immorality, delusion, procrastination, and others. We would then claim that the weapons of our warfare were mighty through God to the pulling down of that stronghold and thank God for doing it right then! We would claim the binding of the strong man and the strength to spoil his goods. . . As far as I was concerned, we had discovered a SECRET WEAPON OF EVANGELISM. I have practiced that kind of praying ever since and am now convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that when we claim our authority in praying and plead the blood of Jesus Christ in intercession the foes of hell must retreat” (p. 97-98, Much More).

I highly recommend that you print out this tract, “How I Learned to Pray for the Lost“, from the Sermon Index. I have added this tract to my
Family Photo Prayer Journal to use when praying for the lost. You might also wish to read Jack Taylor’s book, Much More. In this book, he will teach you how to walk the Spirit-filled life, pray and to live a victorious Christian life.

If you would like to have an outline of this tract for your Prayer Journal click below:
How I Learned to Pray for the Lost


Taylor, Jack R. (1972) Much More. Broadman Press, 97-98.





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