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The Power of Surrender by Michael Catt

Power of SurrenderI am always on the lookout for great books on revival. Most of my favorites were written by the old preachers and missionaries of revival such as Charles Finney, R.A. Torrey, George Mueller and Bertha Smith to name a few. The Power of Surrender is even better than some of these because Michael Catt does an excellent job of explaining revival. He covers every point in this book.

Michael Catt is the pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. He was the executive producer of the movies “FireProof”, “Courageous” and “FlyWheel”. He hits the nail on the head with no apologies. According to him, the reason we do not see revival and spiritual awakening in America is because we fail to fully surrender to the Lord. He explains that complete surrender happens when “you hand God the keys, move out of the driver’s seat, and yield your will to His. It’s a lordship issue” (p. 31). If we are unwilling to surrender totally, then God will be unwilling to send revival.

I encourage you to read this book. It is part of the Refresh series, which also includes The Power of Desperation and The Power of Perseverance. Lifeway has a new Bible study based on this series called Refresh.

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