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Boot Camp 102 – Witness Wednesday Challenge

Witness WednesdayThis is week two of Revival Boot Camp, where we are training to be revival evangelists. Many are praying for revival and spiritual awakening, but it takes more than prayer for a great awakening. We also need evangelists to preach the revival message. If you would like to know more about the revival message, take a look at my post “The Missing Key for Revival”.

Last week on Witness Wednesday, I asked you to purchase some gospel tracks. If you do not own any tracks, then please see my post on gospel tracks. Not all tracks are worth passing out so make sure they preach the revival message.

If you have some gospel tracks, then it is time to use them. Don’t worry! You will not have to speak to anyone this week. I want you to start leaving gospel tracks in doctor’s offices, shopping mall benches, bathrooms, gas pumps or any place someone will find them. Make sure they are eye catching to make the person curious enough to open them and take a look. Please leave a comment below to tell us where you left your tracks.

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