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What if Jesus had never been born?

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It’s time to celebrate the holidays. If you have been to the store lately, you have already seen the Christmas decorations. Christmas has become so commercialized that the real meaning of the season has been forgotten by many. Do we celebrate Christmas for presents or to celebrate the birth of our Savior? As you begin preparing for Christmas, be thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine what life would have been like without the birth of our Savior and Lord? Many of you have probably watched the movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, about George Bailey,  who feels his life is meaningless and decides to end it all. His guardian angel, Clarence, steps in to show George what life would have been like without him. Many want to deny the existence of God and Jesus Christ, but what would our history look like without Jesus? There would have been no Crusades during the Middle Ages, only the Jews would have access to God. We would not celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. There would be no hope in this depressing world where evil men wish to dominate. Women have freedoms they never would have had because of Jesus. America was colonized by religious people searching for freedom to worship without persecution. Even though many would like to deny it, out nation was founded as a Nation Under God. None of this would have been possible if a baby had not been born of a virgin almost 2000 years ago, only to die on a cross for you and for me.

As you begin this holiday season, take time to be thankful for what the Lord has provided us in America. If you think you are poor and live in this great nation, then I invite you to do a reality check around the world. Forget the holiday madness and thank the Lord for your freedom, family and friends.

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