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Heaven – My Hope 2014 With Billy Graham

billy grahamBilly Graham’s 96th birthday will be November 7th. He is celebrating his birthday with a new My Hope DVD release called Heaven. I want to encourage you to watch the video free online: Heaven – My Hope with Billy Graham.

As we see prophecy unfolding everyday in the news, we must realize that we are living in the last days. I pray that you will share this DVD with your friends and family members who are lost. I also want you to pray for more evangelists like Billy Graham. We need some strong men who are not afraid to preach against sin. They also need to warn of God’s judgment which is upon the earth. Many preachers today seem to be silent on end-time events. Preachers should be preaching and warning us of judgment to come, but instead are lulling us to sleep preaching pop-psychology and only love and happy things.

If you would like to receive Christ, then accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior by doing the following:

1. Repent of your sins – meaning changing your mind towards God about your sin
2. Believe in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by committing yourself to His Lordship
3. Follow and Serve Him

For more on how to accept Christ, click here: Need Salvation? or visit My Hope Billy Graham 

“Prayer is crucial in evangelism: Only God can change the heart. . . Not matter how logical our arguments or how fervent our appeals, our words will accomplish nothing unless God’s Spirit prepares the way.” – Billy Graham

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