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Prayer Focus for July 11, 2014 – Illegal Immigration

5 Minute Prayer FridayThank you for praying for America today. If you have made it to this post, then you are automatically counted for today’s prayer.

What to Do:

Gather as many people as possible to pray with you. At noon today, no matter what time zone you live in, stop what you are doing a doing and pray for at least 5 Minutes for Revival and Spiritual Awakening for America. All participants should visit my blog and click on the “5 Minute Prayer Friday” post so we can see how many people have prayed. Set up an alarm on your cell phone, if you have one, which will go off every Friday at noon. I have an android and use the app called “Clock”. Help me spread the word about “5 Minute Prayer Friday” by printing the free business cards below and giving them to your friends.


Please pray for the illegal immigrant situation. I usually stay away from controversial topics, but this one cannot be ignored. This is a difficult problem to pray over, because we have show kindness and compassion to the illegals. Yet, we need to control our borders for the safety of our nation.


Lord, we pray that our government will stop the flood of illegal immigrants into this nation. These children are risking their lives to flee to America in the hopes of getting to stay. We pray that each of these children will stop breaking the law and seek to enter this country legally by way of visas and the immigration process.

For those who are already here, we pray that efforts will be made to return them to their parents rather than hold them here. We pray that kindness and compassion will be shown to these people, but only as we send them home. Please forgive me if this is a selfish prayer. If it is your will for all this to happen, then please change my heart to reflect your will.

We pray that our government will realize the importance of sealing our borders to keep out terrorists and drugs. As a nation, many of us can hardly believe what the government has allowed to happen.

Please forgive this nation for our sins of pride, immorality and selfishness. Wake up Your church so that we will spread the gospel message like never before. Please send Revival and Spiritual Awakening to America.

In Jesus Name, Amen


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