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Blood Moon and Passover Last Night

Tblood moon 2onight is the beginning of Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This also marks the beginning of the first of four Blood Moons which will be visible in North and South America, if it isn’t too cloudy. The eclipse will begin at 2:00 am Eastern time, but will not turn red until 3:oo am. It should remain red for about an hour, so don’t forget to set your alarm. The schedule for the rest of the blood moons is below:

The four blood moons will occur as follows:
1. Passover – April 15, 2014
2. Feast of Tabernacles – October 8, 2014
3. Passover – April 4, 2015
4. Feast of Tabernacles – September 28, 2015

For more information on the blood moons and Passover, please see my other posts:

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