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Prayer for Godly Men

It’s Freedom Friday! I have been reading a book called, Manhood Restored How the Gospel Makes Men Whole, by Eric Mason. We have an epidemic problem in America with delinquent Fathers. Boys are suffering because of the lack of male role models.  This problem is not just with the unsaved, because many of our Christian men fail to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. Only God can bring about restoration to this problem. Let’s pray for the men in America.

Lord, we pray that you will raise up godly men in America. You are the father to the fatherless and there is nothing impossible with you. Please guide our Christian men into spiritual maturity and help them to be role models to the fatherless. We pray for godly mentors who will help those who don’t have fathers. We pray for healing and restoration in the lives of those men and boys who were raised without fathers. Help us to realize that psychology and self-help are not the solutions to life’s problems. The gospel message to a dying world is the only solution to life’s problems. Please send labors to the harvest. We need evangelists who are willing to preach the real gospel message without watering it down. Bring revival and spiritual awakening to the Millennial generation and prepare them to be evangelists for our fallen world. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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