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Prayer is Our Best Weapon

Do you pray?

It’s School of Prayer Saturday! Today I want to encourage those who don’t pray that often. It is a difficult discipline to work into our busy lives, but the benefits far exceed the difficulty. It only seems difficult at the beginning  because Satan does not want you to pray. He will try anything to keep you from praying by making the phone ring, put countless thoughts in your head to prevent you from concentrating to telling you that prayer doesn’t work. Don’t listen to his schemes. He wouldn’t try to prevent you from praying if it wasn’t a powerful weapon. Listen to the following quote from Robert J. Morgan:

“Satan has no defense against the weapon of prayer; he does not have an anti-prayer missile. The unbeliever has many defenses against our evangelistic efforts. He can refuse to attend church. If he does shop up, he can shift into neutral and count the cracks in the ceiling. You can visit his home, but he doesn’t have to let you in. Hand him a tract on the street, and he can throw it away. Get on TV, and he can switch channels. Call him on the phone, and he can hang up. But he cannot prevent the Lord Jesus from knocking at the door of his heart in response to our intercession. People we cannot reach any other way can be reached by way of the throne of grace.”

If you don’t believe that prayer works, then try to pray every morning for one week with your all your sins confessed and see if the Lord doesn’t change your mind. The bible says, “You have not because you ask not.”

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. Lately Satan has been successful at distracting me from my prayer time. I say simple ones throughout the day but quiet prayer time has been replaced by busyness. Thankful for your ministry!

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