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Prayer For a Revived Church – Andrew Murray

Many in America are praying for a revival, but do we really knoFBS Church w what that means? When I was a child, we had yearly revival meetings where a visiting preacher came and preached every night for a week. Are we just praying for a week long revival meeting? This can happen at any time by just scheduling a revival so why do we need to pray for one. What is the definition of revival? Andrew Murray has a wonderful definition of revival found in his book called Revival. "In speaking of and praying for revival, it is important that we understand what we really desire and ask for. To most Christians the word conveys the meaning of a large increase in the number of conversions. When that happens, they say, 'There has been quite a revival in that church (or town).'”

“The true meaning of the word is far deeper. The word means making alive again those who have been alive but have fallen into what is called a cold, or dead, state. They are Christians and have life, but they need reviving to bring them back to their first love and the healthy growth of the spiritual life to which conversion was meant to be the entrance. When the church as a whole, its ministers and members, is not living in full wholehearted devotion to Christ and His service, is not walking in the joy of the Lord and separation from the world, we need to pray more than for the conversion of the unconverted, that God’s people may truly be revived and have the life of God in power restored to them… What we need to pray and labor for, first of all, is that the church of true believers may be revived. What the world needs above everything is not more men and women of the ordinary type of Christians but better people. We need Christians who are stronger in faith and holier in life, intensely devoted to Christ and His service and ready to sacrifice all for the salvation of souls. When God’s Spirit is poured out upon the church, and men and women, who are now struggling on in feebleness, are clothed with garments of praise and the power of the Spirit, the world will soon share the blessing. These revived believers will be ready to give themselves to God’s work at home or abroad; their word and witness will be in power. Nominal Christians will be judged by the power of the revived ones’ example, and will confess that God is with them. And the world will, in the increased numbers and the burning fervor of the messengers of a quickened church, share in the blessing. A revival among believers is the great need of our day. A revived church is the only hope of a dying world.”

Prayer for America

Lord, please show the Christians in America what the church is meant to be and what you have promised to be to it, and how Your plan with her is to be carried out. Help us to not accept our mediocrity any longer, but thirst for Your Holy Spirit and the power that He can provide us. Give us compassion for the lost and boldness to share our faith. Please revive us again. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Murray, Andrew. “Prayer For a Revived Churh” Herald of His Coming July 2013: 1. Print.

If you have never read the newspaper called Herald of His Coming, I highly recommend it. I receive a copy monthly in the mail for free, however, they do ask for donations. You may also read this newspaper online. To read the entire article “Prayer for a Revived Church” online click here:

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