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Coffee Devotion Phil. 2:14-30


Good JOYFUL Morning! Time for another COFFEE DEVOTION in Philippians. Folgers is really not the best part of waking up. The best part of waking up is having Jesus fill your cup with JOY. JOY is a gift from the Lord to those who are obedient and have a humble heart.

Let us learn how the Apostle Paul shares his JOY so we can share our JOY with others. I love to read chapter 2 in the New American Standard Bible, because Paul refers to Timothy as a kindred spirit. This reminds me of my favorite movie series growing up, “Anne of Green Gables”. Anne Shirley referred to her friends she really clicked with as a kindred spirit. Do you have any friends that you just really click with? These are the type whom you don’t see for a very long time, but pick up where you left off as soon as you see one another. What characteristics did Paul’s friends posses which could bring JOY to those who received them? We will find out today.

Write the answers to the following questions in your journal. This will help you to remember what you learn.

  1. Read Phil. 2:14-30
  2. How are we to be above reproach and why? (verses 14-15)
  3. Why is Timothy a kindred spirit? (verse 20)
  4. What does Paul have to say about his friend Epaphroditus? (verses 25-29)
  5. Who do you hold in high regard?

In today’s culture many like to hold actors and sports stars in high regard. The sad truth is that many of them will let you down. We also have our Christian superstars, which we favor over humble servants of the Lord.  Many times the servants like Epaphroditus are overlooked and under appreciated. The apostle Paul wants the church to receive them with joy. If you want to have joy in your life, seek after friends who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare. The fleeting superstars will be there today, but gone tomorrow.

Pray that you will be the kind of friend whom people can call a kindred spirit. If you were convicted of any sin while reading today, then confess the sin to the Lord. Pray for the opposite trait. You should also pray that the Lord will give you some friends who are true kindred spirits.

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