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Coffee Devotion Phil 1:18-30

GOOD MORNING! I am glad you have decided to join me for COFFEE DEVOTION DAY 2 in Philippians. If you missed the devotional yesterday, you will want to start here, COFFEE DEVOTION DAY 1.

COFFEE DEVOTIONS are designed to teach you how to begin your morning in prayer and reading the Word of God. So, enjoy your breakfast and a cup of coffee or tea as we spend time with the Lord this morning. The theme of Philippians is JOY, so our goal is to learn how to have JOY such as Paul had.

Answer the following questions in your journal.

  1. Read Phil. 1:18-30
  2. Why does the Apostle Paul REJOICE in verses 18-19?
  3. Why does Paul say, “to live is Christ”? (answer in verse 22)
  4. Why does Paul say, “to die is gain”? (answer in verses 23-24)
  5. What does Paul say about joy in verse 25?
  6. How should a believer live according to verse 27?
  7. What does Paul say about suffering in verses 27-30?

I believe that many times we cling to life on earth because we are afraid of what will happen after we die. How can we become like Paul and feel that to die is gain? The answer is in our spiritual maturity. You will only mature in your faith as you study His Word, pray and desire to live as Christ did. Paul tells us how to live in verses 27-30. If we live our life worthy of the gospel of Christ, we will be able to stand firm, strive together to help one another and be strong in suffering (see verses 27-30).

Christians will suffer in this life, but the suffering will end after we die. We should not cling to life on this earth for ourselves or for our loved ones. When we die, we have won the race, we are victorious and no more suffering. Who wouldn’t want that?

Pray that the Lord will strengthen you as well as other believers to be able to look forward to heaven. Pray you will be able to stand firm when suffering comes.

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  1. wish there were many more coffee devotions!!!!

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