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Parents’ Blessing for College Freshman

Parents' Blessing for College Freshman

Sending your freshman off to college can be one of the most difficult moments in your life. My son is a sophomore who went to college about 5 hours away last year. He had a difficult time adjusting to the sinful college life that many lead today. I thank the Lord he has a heart for the salvation for his generation. This year he will be living at home to attend a local university. I am glad he had the experience of living away from home for a year, but it will be nice to have him close by.

If you are concerned for your college freshman, then print out this prayer and add it to your Family Photo Prayer Journal. If you don’t have a prayer journal, then take a look at the free one I have to offer on this sight. My son actually took his to college, which warmed my heart as he packed it in his backpack.

Click here for a printable version: Parents’ Blessing College Freshman. If you try to print from the picture below, the size will be not work for your prayer journal.

Parents' Blessing College Freshman

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