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Prayer Journal – Prayers in Philippians

Paul's Prayers in Philippians

The apostle Paul records many prayers in the New Testament, including his prayers in Philippians.  I hope that you will take the time to print this prayer journal entry. The church in America needs prayer like never before. Only God can awaken this sleeping giant. When I read Paul’s prayers in the Bible, I wonder if the church is in the state she is in because of lack of prayer. Many people pray for their own friends and families, but how many are praying these type of prayers for the church. Remember that the church is the body of Christ. It is not a building or just one congregation, but all believers.

If you have not made a Family Photo Prayer Journal,  then I recommend making one. This journal has become a valuable tool for those taking my Bible study as well as my own personal prayer time. Each journal page is written from scripture so you know you will be praying biblically based prayers whenever you pray.  All of the items on my blog are available for free, so download any of the pages you would like to add to your journal.

Remember to confess you sins at the beginning of your prayer time. You may wish to also print the Sin List from A-Z so you can confess your sins to the Lord.

Prayers in Philippians

Click here for printable PDF file: Prayers in Philippians.

When I am praying for my church and the church in America I like to pray Paul’s prayers from the Bible. Many times I realize how shallow my prayers can be as I read these prayers from the Bible. I like to pray these prayers back to the Lord for my own church, but remember that the body of Christ is all believers. Paul said he prayed fervently for the churches of Philippi, Ephesus and Colossae and all the churches he visited. We should do the same.

I have underlined and marked certain words I want you to pay attention to when you read these prayers. I hope you will examine these verses and add them to your prayer journal. If you print the photo below, the dimensions will not fit your prayer journal. Only the PDF is measured to fit your journal, with some cutting.

You might also like to print Paul’s Prayers in Colossians and Paul’s Prayers in Ephesians.

Prayers for the Saints in Philippians

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