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4th of July Prayer – The 7 Areas of Influence

7 Areas of Influence copy To see a better explanation of the 7 Areas of Influence, please see my other 4th of July Post: 4th of July Prayer. Today I am going to pray a prayer for our nation by using the 7 Areas of Influence. Lord, we thank you that you are a gracious God who is longsuffering and slow to anger. Please forgive our nation because we are not living as You would like for us to live. We have removed your commandments from our courtrooms and prayer from our schools. Please revive us again that we may praise you. Arts: Lord, please forgive us for the pornography that is widespread all over the world on the internet. This pornography is mostly influenced by the United States. Rather than America being a symbol of Christianity all over the world, we are a symbol of disgrace. Please encourage Christians to take a stand against the sin in America. Give us boldness and courage to say what is right rather than sit in silence as our culture deteriorates.

Businesses: Lord, we thank you for businesses like Hobby Lobby who are willing to take a stand against abortion. We thank you that they are going to get an extension on the penalty for refusing to pay for healthcare which includes abortion pills. We pray, Lord, that other Christian businesses will follow in their footsteps and not be ashamed to stand up for Your kingdom. We also pray that Christian employees, no matter where they work, will walk worthy of their calling so that others will see Christ in them. Please convict all Christians so as not to give Christianity a bad name. Let them have fair business practices and walk with integrity.

Church: We pray for all the Churches in America to preach the truth and be powerful influences in the lives of those in their communities. Please protect the freedom of religion in this nation and do not allow our rights to slowly disappear as they seem to be doing at this time. Help churches to teach family values and to equip the saints to go out into the world and preach the gospel.

Education: Lord, please protect our children as they go to school every day. Put a hedge of protection around our schools and don’t allow terrorists, pedophiles or anyone who tries to do harm to enter our buildings. We pray that there will be Christian influence in the choosing of curriculum. We also pray that prayer will one day return to our schools. We thank you that our schools are now allowed to have Christian based after-school programs and we pray that every school in America will have such a program. Last but not least, we pray for Christian teachers in our schools.

Families: Lord, we pray for all the families in America. The divorce rate is high and families, especially children, suffer because of this. It causes poverty in some cases and low self-esteem. Please help Christian families to put Christ first in their homes. We pray that husbands will be the spiritual leaders of their homes and wives will be submissive to their husbands. We also pray that children will be obedient and be willing to take a stand for Christ rather than follow the crowd at school. We pray for healing in the homes of those who have divorced so that strife does not further destroy people’s lives.

Government: Lord, we pray for Christian leaders in our nation including local, state, and national governments. Please help these leaders to seek Godly wisdom and make biblical decisions. If there is anyone in our government with ill intentions, we pray that they will be removed from office. We pray for transparency and that you will bring the light of the truth to all the scandals going on. We pray that all evil secrets will become known. We also pray for our military who volunteers to serve to protect our freedoms. Please comfort the families of those who have lost their lives and we pray for a hedge of protection around all of our troops. Please help our policemen, firemen and military to be bold and courageous.

Media: Lord, we pray that you will forgive us as a nation for what we allow ourselves to watch in our homes. Please forgive our nation for the violence, sex, and infidelity that we put on our televisions and computer games. We also pray that our news will be fair and balanced. We pray for Christian influence in the media industry.

Please send revival and spiritual awakening to our nation. Raise up strong pastors who are not afraid to preach the Word in season and out of season. We pray that they will “convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching” 2 Tim 4:2 (NKJV). In Jesus Name, Amen.

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