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10 Prayers for Cutters

This used to be one of my most popular posts. Perhaps if I repost it, it will become popular again. Please pray for the youth in our nation. This problem is all too common in America.

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Self-injury among teens is more common than thought, a new study suggests.

Some 46 percent of high school students surveyed said they had purposely injured themselves more than once in the past year. Among those who said they had injured themselves, more than half said they had cut or burned their skin or given themselves a tattoo or engaged in other acts the researchers labeled as serious. Others engaged in comparatively minor acts such as pulling out hair, biting themselves or picking at areas of the body until they bled. (

Many parents are unaware that teens engage in “cutting” and other forms of self-injury.

Jesus Christ can heal the brokenhearted and your hurts. I hope that you will take the time to read all the scriptures below, because the Word of God (the Bible) teaches the only 100% cure for self hate, cutting…

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