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4 Blood Moons, Passover and Tisha B ‘Av

This Friday, March 20th will host a total solar eclipse, Super moon, Spring Equinox and the halfway point between the first blood moon and the 4th blood moon. The next blood moon will occur on April 5, 2015 (Passover of the Shemitah year).

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blood moon 3What do the 4 Blood Moons, Passover and Tisha B ‘Av have in common? There has been much attention in the media given to the first blood moon, which occurred last night at the beginning of Passover. Many are wondering if God is trying to send us a message or is this just another end-time money making scandal? I have recently read John Hagee’s book called 4 Blood Moons, Something is about to Change. I have also read many of the comments that readers post on news sights regarding this phenomenon. Some people believe that John Hagee is trying to make money off these events, while others agree with Him that God is sending us a message. No matter which view you take, you cannot deny the facts that are mentioned in his book regarding the history of blood moons. One of these facts has to do with the…

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