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The Circle Maker – Quote

Circle MakerI read the bestselling book, The Circle Maker, this past weekend. This book really inspired me, convinced me to persevere in prayer and increased my faith. As I read this book, I felt it was personally written for me. My mother gave me the book for Christmas, but I set it on the shelf to read for another time. When I picked it up to take on my trip, I thought, “I guess this one will do”. Little did I know what I was in store for. I was shocked when I found so many bad reviews online, yet I am not surprised. Satan does not want people to start praying faith based prayers. He will try to destroy all he can when it comes to prayer. I hope you will get a copy of this book. It is on sale at Lifeway for $5.00 a copy. No, I don’t work for Lifeway. Here is a quote, which really encouraged me this past weekend.

“If you’re unwilling to risk your reputation, you’ll never build the boat like Noah or get out of the boat like Peter. You cannot build God’s reputation if you aren’t willing to risk yours”.

Many times when you step out in faith to do the Lord’s work your reputation will be at stake. Not only will the lost think you are weird, but many Christians as well. You might be called a “holy roller” or a “Jesus Freak”, but do not worry about our reputation. Instead, be concerned for God’s reputation. The world may scoff at you, but the lost will not be saved if you sit silently while they go to hell. All soul winners have to be risk takers.

Betterson, Mark. The Circle Maker. Zondervan, 2011.

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  1. Our family 16 year long prayer was answered after reading and committing to circling our prayers. Very encouraging book!
    Check me out when you can:

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