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Boot Camp 105 – Throwback Thursday Quotes

Praying God's WayMany Christians today are doing many good deeds for the Lord. We feed and clothe them, build houses and churches on mission trips and many other good deeds. These are all good things, but we must remember that the most important command from God is to preach the gospel message. What good does it do to feed the poor, but forget to tell them of the Bread of Life. When we send water filters to Africa, we should tell them about the Living Water. Even though we are commanded to feed the poor, we cannot use good deeds as a substitute for sharing the gospel message.

Evelyn Christenson – “What difference will it make to them when they stand horrified at hell’s gate if they go in with full stomachs or clothes on their backs? Don’t let me ever, ever substitute only good and kind and even sacrificial means for the end of bringing them to Christ! Don’t let me keep so busy doing good things for them that I let them go to hell.”

We need to make sacrifices to help others, but we must remember to tell them about Jesus. What good does it do to feed them, but fail to tell them about Jesus?

Works Cited: Christenson, Evelyn. Praying God’s Way: Harvest House Publishers, 1996.

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