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Religious Themed Christmas Decorations

If you have searched for religious Christmas decorations this year, you probably know that they are hard to find. I am discouraged by all the trendy themes for Christmas decorations this year. The most popular seem to be woodland, whimsical, candy land, peacock, snowmen and gold or silver sparkle to name a few.

I bought some cute snowmen to decorate my home this year, but when I brought them home they didn’t seem right. I asked myself, “Is Christmas really about snowmen?”. I was not inspired by them at all. I took them back to the store and decided that I would rather go with a religious theme this year. I used many of my existing decorations to keep the costs down, but I was able to pull off the theme without spending too much money. I have also looked at antique stores and thrift stores to find vintage decorations. Here are a few decorating ideas, which combine religious decorations with some of the popular themes available in stores.

Religious Themed Christmas Decorations

“O Holy Night”
– An elegant theme so think blue and silver sparkles. Decorate with blue and silver ribbons and balls, white bead crosses, manger sets and angels.

O Holy Night2_edited-1


 “O Little Town of Bethlehem” – You could do several themes from this one. If you like the woodland theme, then decorate with burlap ribbon, animals and children’s nativity sets. If you like the whimsical theme, then use red and lime green as your color scheme. You could do a candy land theme with white tree, red balls, and candy, but don’t forget the nativity scene. Last but not least, this would be a great theme to utilize all your kid’s handmade Christmas ornaments.

O Little Town_edited-1
“Hark! How the Angels Sing” – Another elegant theme so decorate ornately with red and gold balls. Include angels, stars, scripture verses and, of course, a manger

Hark How the Angels_edited-1

Jesus Ribbon_edited-1

“All the Children of the World” Prayer Tree – Decorate with ornaments from around the world. Pray for the unreached people groups in those countries. See my post, “All the Children of the World”. to learn more about this tree.

All the Children of the World_edited-3

Why should our homes have religious decorations?
Our homes can speak the gospel message without us saying a word to our guests. I had an unchurched girl in my home last night. She looked at the manger on my mantle and asked if I was a Christian. I asked her if she was and her response was, “I don’t know”. She said she had not been to church in a long time. She also said that she was adopted and was sad at Christmas time, because she always wondered what her mother was doing. I was speechless. What do you say to that?

She and I talked for at least 30 minutes. I was surprised at her openness to me, as I was just a stranger to her.

My manger on the mantle started a religious conversation with this girl. A conversation, which never would have happened if not for my religious decorations. When her dad walked into the room, he did a double take when he saw the manger on my mantle. I wonder what he thought of my decorations?

I hope you will consider decorating with a religious decorating theme. You will remember to keep Christ in Christmas every time you glance at your tree. Combine some of your old decorations with new religious themed ornaments. I found a beautiful nativity set at a trendy antique store. It sits on my mantel as the centerpiece of my Christmas decorating. One special little girl noticed it and started a religious conversation with me. Witnessing doesn’t get any easier that that!

Keep in mind that you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a religious theme. You can make handmade angels from beads or ribbon. Just search the internet fro ideas. Be creative and remember to Keep Christ in Christmas. I hope to soon make a post on how to make a beautiful beaded cross.

Baby Jesus_edited-1


“O Holy Night” written by Placide Cappeau de Reque maure in 1847.
“O Little Town of Bethlehem” written by Rector Phillips Brooks in 1868.
“Hark! How the Angels Sing” written by Charles Wesley in 1739.
“Jesus Loves the Little Children” words by C. Herbert Woolston and music by George Frederick Root in 1800’s.





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2 Comments on Religious Themed Christmas Decorations

  1. Agree totally! I get annoyed with elf on the shelf…. My children want one and I told them they don’t need an elf watching them, they have Jesus!

    • My daughter wants an elf on the shelf as well. That’s all I need is to worry about hiding the elf every evening with all the 1001 things I have to do this time of year. I love my religious theme this year. I have always had religious decorations, but had never made this the theme.

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