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All the Children of the World Prayer Tree

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Prayer in Every City wants to encourage you to keep Christ in Christmas this holiday season. Rather than decorate with Santa Clause, Snowmen and Gingerbread, why not create a religious themed Christmas tree? You can decorate with angels, stars and nativity sets.  Since religious decorations are becoming difficult to find, search at antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets. You might be surprised at what you will find. Vintage ornaments are very trendy this holiday season. Why not make a Prayer Tree?

Create an “All the Children of the World Prayer Tree
I hope you will be inspired to create your own “All the Children of the World Prayer Tree”. This Christmas tree was influenced by an ornament I purchased from Family Christian Bookstore a few years ago called “All the Children of the World” created for the James Fund. The other ornaments have been gifts from my brother’s many mission trips. As I look at this tree, I am reminded to pray for the many unreached people groups around the world, especially in the 10/40 window. This region is located in the eastern hemisphere between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. The most unreached people in the world live in this area.  Even if a country has many Christians living in it’s borders, there can still be pockets of unreached people groups within it’s population.

All the Children of the World Ornament

How to Make Your Own Prayer Tree
To make your own prayer tree, visit Operation World’s website and select a country from the list. Once you have selected a country, then look under the subheading, People, and click on “Unreached People Prayer Card“. You will be directed to the Joshua Project’s website prayer cards for that country. Print as many cards as you wish, hang them from your Christmas tree, and most importantly pray for these unreached people groups. If you don’t want to hang the cards, make angel ornaments and write the information on the back. This would be a great project for children.

Here are close-ups of the some of the ornaments on my tree. Click on picture for a close-up.










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