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Advent Week 1 – Bible Prophecies Regarding Birth of Jesus

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ornament copyExcitement is in the air as the Christmas season begins. Christmas has become so commercialized that I hope you spend time with your families every Sunday during Advent to teach your children about the birth of Christ. I plan to post an Advent story from the Bible every Saturday until Christmas. The final post will be on Christmas Eve. I plan on making my Advent Bible stories interesting enough for teens. With 70% of our teens leaving the church after they graduate from high school, I hope to make the Christmas story more meaningful and believable. I will use an apologetic approach and will also make sure that your children know the true Christmas story. If they have seen several Christmas pageants, they probably don’t have all the facts straight. This week we will begin with the genealogies and the Old Testament prophecies which were fulfilled when Jesus was born. I hope…

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1 Comment on Advent Week 1 – Bible Prophecies Regarding Birth of Jesus

  1. peggy jo walker // November 30, 2014 at 6:48 pm // Reply

    I look forward to this..thano. you dear

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