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Turmoil at the Temple Mount


Tension has been mounting for several months at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is the current location of the Dome of the Rock and former location of the Jewish Temples. This is probably the most volatile location in the entire world due to clashes between Jews and Muslims over the right to pray at the Temple Mount. Jews are allowed to pray at the Western Wall, but are forbidden to even where a prayer shawl, much less pray at the al-Aqsa mosque.

Tensions grew even more when Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a right-wing activist, was shot and wounded by a Palestinian last week. The Temple Mount was closed for a day on Oct. 30, 2014 due to riots, see Israel on Brink of Third Intifada. This is the first time that the Mount had been closed in 14 years.

Due to continued riots, the Mount was closed for another few hours today, November 5, 2014. See Palestinians Clash with Police. If you look at all the pictures you can see that damage was actually done to the al-Aqsa today.

The Bible says that a 3rd temple will be rebuilt during the Tribulation, so I recommend keeping up with what is going on at the Dome of the Rock. Many Jews in Israel are preparing to build the temple. They had a fund raiser this summer to raise money for this very purpose. You can take a virtual tour of the new temple here: Jewish Group Funds 90k for Third Temple.

I would keep an eye on what is going on at the Temple Mount. We are in a Shemitah year during a cycle of 4 blood moons. God is trying to get our attention. Could we be on the brink of the tribulation period? Only God knows.

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