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The Shantung Revival – C.L. Culpepper

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The Shantung Revival by C.L. Culpepper The Shantung Revival
by C.L. Culpepper

It’s Throwback Thursday where I review a book from the past on either prayer or revival and spiritual awakening. Today I will review a book, which might be difficult to get a hold of, but you can listen to Dr. Culpepper’s testimony online. Dr. Culpepper was one of the key Southern Baptist missionaries during the Shantung Revival (pronounced Shandong) in China during the 1930’s. The key to the widespread movement of God was prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit working through the missionaries. We have many people praying for revival in America today, but I believe one of the keys to revival is missing. This key is the working power of the Holy Spirit through the individuals. I hope you will listen to Dr. Culpepper tell of his reluctance to accept the filling of the Holy Spirit , but what happened in…

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  1. peggy jo walker // October 23, 2014 at 10:30 pm // Reply

    thank you for your constant hard work…my comp won;t dosound..trying to get another one also thanks for the ebola info….i use clorox a lot…pray for my hubby…heart problems. i will try to call you….love you dear

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