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The Christianity Test – A Study of 1 John

Bible and Pencil

It’s Word Study Wednesday! We will be studying the book of 1st John this summer so I hope you will join us. This book of the Bible was written by the disciple, John, who describes himself as the “disciple whom Jesus loved” in John 13:23 and John 21:7. Wouldn’t you like to be known as the disciple whom Jesus loved? Well you are loved by the Savior. He loved you so much that He lived a sinless life, so He could sacrifice His life as a ransom for you.

Theme of 1st John
The theme of 1st John is what I will call “The Christianity Test”. John gives several reasons in 1st John for writing this book that we will discover through the upcoming weeks. By studying this letter, we will learn the characteristics of a Genuine Christian versus the Counterfeit Christian. There are many Counterfeit Christians in our nation and churches, so we must learn how to identify them. Not so we can judge them, but rather pray for their salvation. Perhaps you have doubted your salvation. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you during this study whether or not you are truly saved.


  1. Begin your Bible study in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to teach you.
  2. Read all 5 chapters of 1st John so you will understand the context of what you are reading.
  3. Print out all 5 chapters of 1st John from the website:  Bible Study Tools. If you look closely at this webpage, you will see a print button underneath the title “1 John 1”.
  4. Mark the Key Words (words which repeat) know, write, sin, abide and love in a distinct way for all 5 chapters. Use different colored pencils or pens to either underline or draw shapes around each of these words. For example, every time you see the word know underline it in blue, then underline the word sin in black.

Congratulations! You are finished with this week’s lesson. Do as much as you can and God will reward you for the time you spend with Him. As you study this book slowly, you will learn great and mighty things that you did not know (Jer. 33:3).

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2 Comments on The Christianity Test – A Study of 1 John

  1. So excited to do this! I forwarded it to someone so she will hopefully follow too. Thanks for your time this summer

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