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Throwback Thursday – Pray Big Book Review

Pray BigIt’s Throwback Thursday where I either do a book review or quote a famous missionary or preacher. Today we will look at the book, Pray Big, the Power of Pinpoint Prayers, by Will Davis Jr.

I really enjoyed reading this book about a year ago. I actually read it just before the Lord called me to start Prayer in Every City. My weekly prayer group had been discussing expanding our prayers. We decided that we didn’t ask God to do the Big and Miraculous often enough. God says that He can do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or think (Eph. e:20). Our lack of faith and lack of asking prevents God from doing the miraculous. Will Davis Jr. will not only encourage you to pray Big Prayers, but he will teach you how. Here is a quote from this book:

“What are you praying for today that will require a miraculous answer from God? What are you asking for that only God can do? If you seem to be stuck in a prayer rut, if your “asks” are limited to the token God, bless Joe and God, be with Sherri kinds of requests, then it’s time for you to start taking some risks in prayer. It’s time for you to start asking big” (page 23).

Does this sound like your prayer life? Let me encourage you to read this book. Why do I tell you to read so many books? It is hard to learn to pray on your own. The only way to learn to pray well is to practice praying, study prayer in the Bible, and read books on revival and prayer. I do not get any money for reviewing books so don’t think I am pushing a book on you. Most of what I know about prayer, I have learned from books and the Bible. If we want to mature in our Christian faith, then we must spend some time in study. The reason you go to specialty doctors is because they have studied their specialty. You are not born knowing how to pray just as you are not born knowing how to be a doctor. If you want to be a prayer specialist, then you must learn how to pray. When God called Paul to be a missionary to the early church, He actually chose a man who was a scholar and very learned in the Old Testament scripture. Jewish men during Bible times spent much time in study when they were young. We should do the same in our Christian walk. A Christian must always be teachable and in a Bible study. When we think we have “arrived” in our Christian walk, we are in a very bad place.

Davis Jr., Will. Pray Big, the Power of Pinpoint Prayers. Will Davis Jr., 2007.

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