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Book Review: Praying God’s Way by Evelyn Christenson

Praying God's WayIt’s Throwback Thursday where I either quote a great preacher of revival or review a book. Today, I would like to recommend a book by Evelyn Christenson called Praying God’s Way. If you want to learn how to pray for the lost, then I would highly recommend this book. Many times our efforts to win the lost seem to be futile in today’s modern world. The secret to evangelism throughout history has been prayer and evangelism. You can’t win the lost effectively without both of them. Evelyn will teach you how to form triplet prayer groups to pray for the lost.

She says, “But remember that prayer alone cannot win our country to Jesus. Jesus’ Great Commission was not just to pray for the world, but go and make disciples of all people” (p. 24-25).

We need to pray for our nation like never before, but let’s never substitute prayer for obedience. We must pray and witness in order to win the lost. I encourage you to form a prayer group and pray for Revival and Spiritual Awakening for America.

Christenson, Evelyn. Praying God’s Way. Harvest House Publishers, 1996.

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