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The 7 Miracles in the Gospel of John

ButterflyIt is Word Study Wednesday! What is Word Study Wednesday you might ask? It is the day at Prayer in Every City where we study the Word of God. As we approach Easter, I would like to spend the next few weeks focusing on Jesus Christ and who He was. Yesterday I wrote about the 7 “I AM’s” of Jesus from the book of John. If you missed this post, then check it out, “The 7 I AM’s of Jesus“. Most of the  posts on Jesus are not going to be in depth studies, but an overview or highlight. Many people say that if someone has never read the Bible before, then John is the place to start.

Today we will look at the 7 miracles Jesus performed in the book of John. John actually calls them signs in John 4:54.  I will make a list of the 7 miracles or signs recorded in the book of John. If you have the time, then look these stories up this week. Better yet, read the Gospel of John.

  1. Jesus’ first miracle he performed was turning the water into wine. John 2:1-11
  2. Jesus’ second miracle was the healing of the royal official’s son. John 4:46-54
  3. Jesus’ third sign or miracle was healing the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda. John 5:1-18
  4. Jesus’ fourth miracle was feeding the 5000. John 6:1-14
  5. Jesus’ fifth miracle was walking on water. John 6:16-21
  6. Jesus sixth miracle was healing the blind man on the Sabbath. John 9:1-17
  7. Jesus seventh miracle was raising Lazarus from the dead. John 11:1-44


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