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DIY Scripture Memory Cards

Welcome to Prayer in Every City on this cold winter day. I am glad you have decided to join me for Meditation Monday during our Spiritual Renewal Month. Today, we will actually make scripture memory cards. I have never done a DIY craft post, so we will see how it does. If you don’t like making crafts, then don’t worry because this will be very easy. If you can print and cut, then you will be able to do this activity. With all the cold weather we are having, you should have plenty of time to memorize scripture this week.

I have never been very motivated to memorize scripture until I started this blog. My intentions have always been good, but laziness has always won out. I now have a great method for memorizing scripture, which has worked wonders for me. Sorry, I don’t have a magical way to make memorization easier, but I have come up with a method which is working for me. I have typed scripture verses using Word’s business card templates and printed them out. I bought a cute business card holder and have placed  them at my dinner table. During breakfast and lunch, I work on my scripture memory. I am amazed at how many verses I have learned from my Memory Verse Monday posts. Here is a picture of my memory verse cards:


If you would like to download a free copy of the cards above, then click here: Scripture Memory Printable Cards. There are a total of 10 scripture verses. These are a little smaller than business cards, but will be easy to cut out. The scripture verses on these cards go along with our Spiritual Renewal theme. I hope that this will make it easier for you to memorize scripture. You might want to print out more than one copy and leave one in the bathroom and in your car. You never know when you will have an extra few minutes to memorize your scripture. I have also made cards for my kids. We used scrapbook paper to make them interesting. My daughter loves chevron so we printed hers on a green chevron to match her bedroom. If you desire to make these cards, you will have to use a blank template from Word.


When I was taking photos for the cards, I went to my sons bedroom to get his cards and you can see how I found them below:

Note: I added the cow and hay for the picture. He would die if you thought these were from his bedroom.


I have a feeling that scripture memorization doesn’t fit in well with his video gaming schedule. The reason I took the picture this way was to make a point. This month is Spiritual Renewal month, but I can only do so much to coach you into drawing closer to the Lord. Until you say, “Yes”, to God on scripture memorization, you will not do it. My pastor preached a sermon on the filling of the Holy Spirit, yesterday. I will be writing about this topic later on in the month. One of the requirements for being filled with the Holy Spirit is absolute surrender to the Lord. This means that your desire is to be 100% obedient to Him. You won’t be 100% obedient, but your desire should be as such. Until we decide to totally surrender, we cannot be filled with the Spirit. If you are unfamiliar with the filling of the Holy Spirit, then you will have to check my blog later this month to find our more.

Here is one more example of cards I made for the kitchen. This is a burlap printed paper, but I was disappointed in the way the words printed. It is difficult to read. Be creative with making your own cards. The possibilities are endless and they make a nice decoration for your home. You can also give them as gifts to Sunday School teachers. Leave a comment below if this inspires you to memorize scripture. Don’t forget to pick a verse for your scripture memory this week. I will leave it to you to decide which verse you memorize from the free printable cards. I will be working on Galatians 2:20, but you can choose any that you like.



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  1. peggy jo walker // January 8, 2014 at 9:36 pm // Reply

    once again i am amazed at your strong Christian life..thanks for sharing…love you dear….mama2

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