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Celebration Sunday – Salvation

Savannah Church 2 copyIt’s time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Did you know that the Sabbath Day mentioned in the Bible was on Saturday? So why does the Christian church go to church on Sunday? Jesus rose from the grave on the first day of the week, which is Sunday. I hope that you will begin your week meditating on the thought of salvation.

This week I will begin my new series on Salvation. We will memorize verses, which will help us witness to the lost. We will learn what sanctification, justification, salvation, and all those difficult -tion religious words which only seem to be understood by preachers. Please join us tomorrow for Memory Verse Monday. If you haven’t memorized any verses with me, then you will not want to miss them this time. Someone’s eternal salvation could depend on your knowing these verses. You might even know some already.

See you tomorrow!

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