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Celebration Sunday – Ephesians 1

ButterflyPrayer in Every City wishes you a relaxing and safe Celebration Sunday. The Lord said that he rested on the Sabbath after creation. Christians do not observe the Sabbath, which is the last day of week, rather we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection on Sunday. Sunday is a time to worship with other believers, spend time with your family and relax. I like to work on my Bible study on Sunday as well.

This week at Prayer in Every City we will begin looking at Ephesians 1. Our Week of Spiritual Fitness will begin tomorrow with an important memory verse from Ephesians chapter 1. Don’t forget to join us this week, especially on Wednesday when we have our Bible Study on Ephesians 1.

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1 Comment on Celebration Sunday – Ephesians 1

  1. I love the book of Ephesians! I have been doing a verse by verse study of it on my blog. It is amazing how rich Scripture is when we slow down and read it a verse at a time. Be blessed!

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