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Memory Verse Monday – John 13:35

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Welcome to Memory Verse Monday. No this is not for kids. Many adults think that Bible Verse memorization is just for kids, but we can all benefit from hiding God’s Word in our hearts. Last week we memorized a verse on unity, but if we are to have unity in the body of Christ we must have love. I don’t mean romantic love, but the type of love which is selfless, unconditional and charitable. Here is our verse for this week:

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” John 13:35 (NKJV).

In the Greek language there are at least 4 different words for our English word love. If you would like to see the definitions of the 4 different types, then take a look at Wikipedia. In John 13:35, the Greek word for love is Agape. Please look below for the definition taken from Wikipedia.

Agápe (ἀγάπη agápē[1]) means love in a “spiritual” sense. In the term s’agapo (Σ’αγαπώ), which means “I love you” in Ancient Greek, it often refers to a general affection or deeper sense of “true unconditional love” rather than the attraction suggested by “eros.” This love is selfless; it gives and expects nothing in return. Agape is used in the biblical passage known as the “love chapter,” 1 Corinthians 13, and is described there and throughout the New Testament as sacrificial and spiritual love. Whether the love given is returned or not, the person continues to love (even without any self-benefit). Agape is also used in ancient texts to denote feelings for one’s children and the feelings for a spouse, and it was also used to refer to a love feast. It can also be described as the feeling of being content or holding one in high regard. Agape was used by Christians to express the unconditional love of God.

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