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Word Study Wednesday – Ephesians Overview

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Welcome to the 4th Word Study Wednesday! I have been talking about it for months and it is finally time to begin our study of the book of Ephesians. I am a Precept Leader so we will studying this will be an in-depth study, but not nearly as deep as a Precept course.

Whenever I begin studying a book of the Bible, I like to do an overview. I want to find out the theme of the book, the author, the recipients, date written, setting and key words (words which are repeated several times throughout chapter or book. This will also include interesting facts and an outline. The outline for Ephesians is easy to remember so teach it to your kids. It is Sit, Walk, Stand, Bow. The title Sit, Walk, Stand is a book written by Watchman Nee, however I do not follow him nor endorse his teachings. I will not teach anything out of his book, but I like the title. This simple title is an excellent outline for Ephesians. Anyone can remember this so no excuses. There will be no homework involved in this course except to read the book of Ephesians. It is only six chapters short so start reading this week. Next week we will actually begin in the book of Acts, because it is our history book for the New Testament. You can find background information in the book of Acts about many of the churches that Paul visited and/or wrote letters to. Happy Reading! For a free download of this overview click here: Ephesians Overview

Ephesians Overview

Theme:  The believer’s riches in Christ
Date written:  A.D. 60-62
Author:  Paul
Recipients:  Churches in Ephesus
Setting:  A Roman prison
Key Verse:  “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,”  Eph 1:3 (NKJV).
Key Words:
saints 9 times, walk 6 times, stand 3 times, unity 3 times, rich(es) 6 times, pray or prayer or bow 5 times

Interesting facts

  • Paul founded the church of Ephesus and spent 3 years teaching them
  • Letter of encouragement
  • In this letter Paul describes the nature of the church
  • The church is not an organization, but a living organism
  • He challenges his readers to function as the living body of Christ on earth

George, Jim. (2006) The Bare Bones Bible Handbook. Harvest House Publishers, 223.

Outline of Ephesians – Parts taken from Warren Wiersbe

  1. Chapter 1, Introduction and key verse
    1. Sealed – Eph. 1:13-14
    2. Bow (Prayer)– Eph. 1:15-19
  2. Chapter 2, Sit
    1. Eph. 2:10
  3. Chapter 3, Mystery and Bow
    1. Mystery – Eph. 3:1-13
    2. Bow(Prayer) – Eph. 3:14-21
  4. Chapter 4, Walk
    1. Walk worthy – Eph. 4:1
    2. Walk in purity
    3. Walk unity
  5. Chapter 5, Walk
    1. Walk in love
    2. Walk in wisdom
    3. Walk in Spirit
  6. Chapter 6, Stand
    1. Stand Firm
    2. Armor of God
    3. Bow (Prayer) Eph. 6:18-20

Wiersbe, Warren W. (2007) The Wiersbe Bible Commentary. David C. Cook, 583.

Nee, Watchman. (1977) Sit, Walk, Stand. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

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