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Prayer for Churches in America

“Is you kind of Christianity worth sending to the non-Christian world? There’s no question that Christianity is worth sending; but what about the kind shown by your life or my life this morning, yesterday, last week, last year? Is that what the non-Christian world waits for? Would it revolutionize their lives?” This quote is taken from the book, Victory in Christ, by Charles Trumbull.

Americans are not living the Christian lifestyle which is described in the Bible. According to a George Barna survey examining changes in worldview among christiansFBS Church over the past 13 years, the current research revealed that only 9% of all American adults have a biblical worldview. One-third of all adults (34%) believe that moral truth is absolute and unaffected by the circumstances. Slightly less than half of the born again adults (46%) believe in absolute moral truth. . First, although most Americans consider themselves to be Christian and say they know the content of the Bible, less than one out of ten Americans demonstrate such knowledge through their actions. Second, the generational pattern suggests that parents are not focused on guiding their children to have a biblical worldview. One of the challenges for parents, though, is that you cannot give what you do not have, and most parents do not possess such a perspective on life.

 Many professing Christians are not living the life that is described in the New Testament of the Bible. Because we are not living the right kind of lifestyle, the world doesn’t want what we have. Our sin is preventing us from having the love, joy and peace which is given by the Holy Spirit. If believers are living a defeated Christian life, then the Bible becomes a book only about rules. The world doesn’t want a rule book, but what they need is the transforming power of Jesus Christ. The victorious Christian lifestyle is desperately needed in our nation.

Lord, we pray for the people who call themselves Christians in America. Please convict them of their sin. The church will not be successful in winning the lost as long as the church is full of sin and hypocrisy. Please forgive our churches for hypocrisy and forgive us for our sin. The churches are full of sexual immorality, divorce, divisions, bad attitudes, and complacency. We pray that churches will encourage their people to live holy lives and also encourage prayer. Lord give leaders a desire to pray with other leaders in our churches. Help us to cross denominational lines and create unity among believers. We pray, Lord, for genuine unity among believers and not compromise. Please revive your church again. Wake us up, Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Trumbull, Charles. Victory in Christ. CLC Publications, 2005.

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