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10 Prayers for Sunday School Teachers

10 Prayers for Sunday School Teachers

  1. Lord please fill me with Your Spirit and power to enable me to lead each of my students to Jesus Christ. Acts 4:31
  2. Lord please convict my students hearts of sin and call them to repentance and salvation. John 16:8
  3. Lord please show any sin in my heart which would hinder the Holy Spirit from using me. Psalm 66:18
  4. Lord please prepare my students to be laborers of the harvest one day. Luke 10:2
  5. Lord please give my students the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. Eph. 1:17
  6. Lord please allow the eyes of their hearts to be enlightened. Eph. 1:18
  7. Lord please strengthen each student and teacher with power through Your Spirit. Eph. 3:16
  8. Lord please root and ground each of my students in love and respect. Eph. 3:17
  9. Lord please help each of my students to have humility, gentleness, patience and show tolerance for one another in love. Eph. 4:2
  10. Lord please don’t allow anyone to deceive them with empty words and help them to stand firm when confronted with evil. Eph. 5:6

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