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How Prayer Helps Fear and Anxiety

July 28, 2015 • Uncategorized

Originally posted on Prayer In Every City:
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders. Did you know that prayer is one of the biblical answers for anxiety? The Bible says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests…

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5 Minute Prayer Friday – Every Friday @noon

(6) 5 Minute Prayer Friday

Prayer in Every City would like to start a new prayer movement across the United States. I want to encourage as many people as possible to pray for at least 5 minutes at noon every Friday for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America. If at all possible, pray with another person or form a lunch group at work. It… Read More ›

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4th of July Prayer – The 7 Areas of Influence

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To see a better explanation of the 7 Areas of Influence, please see my other 4th of July Post: 4th of July Prayer. Today I am going to pray a prayer for our nation by using the 7 Areas of Influence. Lord, we thank you that you are a gracious God who is longsuffering and… Read More ›

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10 Attributes of God

(0) 10 Attributes of God

Many times you may not know how to pray. When you feel speechless in prayer, open your Bible and pray the promises. These verses are not only promises from the Lord, but are facts about Him. Do you believe that God is who He says he is? When you pray these verses, thank God because He is our… Read More ›

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10 Bible Verses on the Filling of the Holy Spirit

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I hope you have been keeping up with my “Walk in the Spirit” series every Wednesday in January. Last week I taught on “4 Steps to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit“. This has been a very popular post. This week I will give you 10 Bible verses on the Filling of the Holy Spirit. Next… Read More ›

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10 Prayers for Protection

(1) Got Son Protection

Today we will look at 10 Bible Verses for Protection. You may take these scriptures and turn them into prayers. When I pray, I like to pray scripture to the Lord. As I study the Bible, I constantly pray through the scriptures as I read. If a verse reminds me of a friend or family… Read More ›

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Which Prayers Does God Hear?

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It’s Avoid Temptation Tuesday! Did you know there is a certain type of person which the Bible says God listens too? Having proper relationships insures you that God will hear you when you call? You husbands in the same way, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with someone weaker, since she is… Read More ›

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Fasting Friday – Media Fast

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Fasting Friday Checklist Have you prayed this morning? Have you meditated on the Word of God? Have you worked on your weekly memory verse? By the way, if you are doing some type of diet, it is recommended to weigh only one time a week. Why not make Fasting Friday your weigh in day? How… Read More ›

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10 Reasons We Are Living in the End Times

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If you know anything about end-time prophecy in the Bible, you recognize that Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. There are many scoffers who do not wish to think about these events. They believe that if they ignore the signs, the end will not come. Even those who believe we are living in the… Read More ›

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4 Blood Moons, Passover and Tisha B ‘Av

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What do the 4 Blood Moons, Passover and Tisha B ‘Av have in common? There has been much attention in the media given to the first blood moon, which occurred last night at the beginning of Passover. Many are wondering if God is trying to send us a message or is this just another end-time… Read More ›

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5 Minute Prayer Friday – July 24, 2015

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Thank you for praying for America today. If you have made it to this post, then you are automatically counted for today’s prayer. What to Do: Gather as many people as possible to pray with you. At noon today, no matter what time zone you live in, stop what you are doing a doing and… Read More ›

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