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20 Prayer Points for America’s Churches

March 3, 2015 • Uncategorized

Originally posted on Prayer In Every City:
We thank You, Lord, because You are the Ancient of Days, the Most High God. We thank You for giving us Christ who is the head of the church, the Prince of Peach, King of kings and Lord of Lords. Please forgive Your church in America for not…

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5 Minute Prayer Friday – Every Friday @noon

(4) 5 Minute Prayer Friday

Prayer in Every City would like to start a new prayer movement across the United States. I want to encourage as many people as possible to pray for at least 5 minutes at noon every Friday for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America. If at all possible, pray with another person or form a lunch group at work. It… Read More ›

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The Gospel Message – Revival Style

(0) The Old Rugged Cross_edited-1

This is it! The day those taking Revival Boot Camp have waited for – the Gospel Message. After studying how John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter and Paul shared the gospel, we have come to our final summary of the Gospel Message presented in the Bible. Don’t be afraid by the length of this message, because you… Read More ›

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Who Will Fill My Void?

(0) Who Will Fill My Void

When the world seems like a dark and dreary place, When you are tired of running the dismal race, Remember there is only one who can fill the empty space… His name is Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End, The Mighty One, the Prince of Peace, the Living Water, The Bread of Life, the Light of… Read More ›

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End of Spiritual Renewal Month 2014

(0) marathon

It’s January 31, which ends our month of Spiritual Renewal. I hope that you have increased the amount of time in prayer this month as well as learned how to study a New Testament letter. If you are still struggling, then don’t stop just because January is over. We are in a life long race… Read More ›

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Word Study Wednesday – Acts 2

(0) red leaves

Reblogged from October 30, but if you haven’t read this it is new to you. It’s Word study Wednesday! Today, we will begin our new series on “Salvation and How to Witness”. In the book of Acts there are at least 11 different witnessing situations. We will not look at all 11 over the course… Read More ›

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Free Revival and Spiritual Awakening Prayer Guides

(1) brochure cover March 2014 web

As the 4th of July approaches and people desire to participate in the URGENT CALL TO PRAYER  from Anne Graham Lotz, I have decided to repost my prayer guides. All of these guides teach you to pray for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America, but each have a different area of focus. Don’t forget our… Read More ›

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Boot Camp 101 – Scripture Memory

(2) smith1

It’s finally here, Revival Boot Camp. Many of you are probably wondering what this is all about? Most of the people who read my blog are learning about prayer or wanting to enhance their prayer lives. Many of you are praying for revival and spiritual awakening in America, but do we really know what that… Read More ›

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4 Blood Moons, Passover and Tisha B ‘Av

(1) blood moon 3

What do the 4 Blood Moons, Passover and Tisha B ‘Av have in common? There has been much attention in the media given to the first blood moon, which occurred last night at the beginning of Passover. Many are wondering if God is trying to send us a message or is this just another end-time… Read More ›

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The Circle Maker – Book Review

(0) Circle Maker

“Have you heard about the new controversial bestseller, The Circle Maker? I finished it this weekend. While I was reading the book I had no idea of the controversy. I was actually shocked when I looked at other book reviews online today. I will tell you my opinion of the book and then address the… Read More ›

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