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Have you made your Family Photo Prayer Journal?

July 22, 2014 • Uncategorized

Originally posted on Prayer In Every City:
I would like to encourage you to make a Family Photo Prayer Journal. All of the prayers listed below are written from scripture. As we work on this journal over the summer, I will continue to add to this list. This journal will be organized with dividers according…

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5 Minute Prayer Friday – Every Friday @noon

(4) 5 Minute Prayer Friday

Prayer in Every City would like to start a new prayer movement across the United States. I want to encourage as many people as possible to pray for at least 5 minutes at noon every Friday for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America. If at all possible, pray with another person or form a lunch group at work. It… Read More ›

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The Christianity Test – 1 John 4

(0) Bible and Pencil

Thank you for joining me for this online Bible study, The Christianity Test – A Study of 1st John. We will take a look at chapter 4 today. Background The apostle John wrote this gospel in response to Gnosticism, which was a new false religion. Many Jews were being deceived by this heresy, so John… Read More ›

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10 Prayers for Teens

(0) 10 Prayers for Teens cov

Pray the following prayers for your teenage kids, grandkids and their friends. If you have a wayward child, do no give up hope. The “10 Prayers for Teens” is written directly from scripture, because God stands behind His promises. When you pray, find someone to pray with you, because there is power in united prayer. George Mueller… Read More ›

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My Hope 2014 – Heaven with Billy Graham

(0) billy graham

I am thrilled to announce that there will be a new message from Billy Graham this November. Billy Graham is asking us to start praying now. Message from Franklin Graham: Hardly a day passes that I don’t hear someone say, “We are losing our country; we are losing our churches.” While doomsday appears to be… Read More ›

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Free Revival and Spiritual Awakening Prayer Guides

(1) brochure cover March 2014 web

As the 4th of July approaches and people desire to participate in the URGENT CALL TO PRAYER  from Anne Graham Lotz, I have decided to repost my prayer guides. All of these guides teach you to pray for Revival and Spiritual Awakening in America, but each have a different area of focus. Don’t forget our… Read More ›

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10 Prayers for Newlyweds – NEW!

(2) 10 Prayers for Newlyweds

Did you know that June has been the most popular wedding month for centuries? I was a June bride because I graduated from college in June and was married two weeks later. My husband and I will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary at the end of this month. My “10 Prayers for Newlyweds” has been… Read More ›

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Form a PRAYER IN EVERY CITY Prayer Group

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Prayer in Every City is a ministry dedicated to promoting united prayer throughout America. Our goal is to have 1,200 prayer groups meeting on a regular basis, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. There are many websites dedicated to prayer for America, but this one is different because of the emphasis on united prayer…. Read More ›

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10 Bible Verses on Evidences of Filling of Holy Spirit

(0) John 316

My posts on the Holy Spirit have been very popular this month. This will be my last post on “Walking in the Holy Spirit. Our month of Spiritual Renewal will end tomorrow, but hopefully you will continue in your walk. I hope you will continue to renew your mind through the study of God’s Word… Read More ›

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Do you meet the conditions for answered prayer?

(0) Do you pray?

Did you know that God requires us to meet certain condition before He answers prayer? It’s Memory Verse Monday. We will conclude our Bible study in 1st John this week, so I thought I would close out the study with a verse from there. My favorite Bible verse on prayer is Psalm 66:18, but 1 John… Read More ›

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